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A community for Chronic Migraine sufferers to come together.
Chronic Migraine is not
all in your head!

This is a community created and moderated by Gretchen Rautman. cma_network is part of the larger network of awareness, education and advocacy provided by the non-profit organization, CHRONIC MIGRAINE AWARENESS (CMA), founded by Catherine Charrett-Dykes. This community is not a substitute for medical advice and serves only to help you to be your own advocate and to make migraine disease more visible and understood. Please do not claim the information on this page as your own, and acknowledge the writer accordingly.

Here there are daily questions regarding migraine for us to discuss and share our experiences. The more participation, obviously, the more fun it can be for all of us.

Posts are moderated, but will be approved as quickly as possible, as this community does have a connection to the CMA Foundation, and any posts cannot break with their policies.

Understand that we all have Bad Migraine days, and thus a Daily Question might come a day or two late if one of the moderators can't get it posted that day. But rest assured, they will be posted eventually.

We understand that chronic migraine is a very frustrating condition, but please, try to keep the language G or PG. Swearing is not appreciated. You will be given two warnings to watch your language, and then you will be banned. If you feel the need, please contact our assistant moderator theborogove here, and they can help you come up with some alternative or [censored] ideas.

Thank you, and welcome!

* The opinions of the writer of this [community] are NOT research. While CMA supports all members in their pursuit of being their own advocate, the author's opinions are not necessarily always shared by the founder and executive staff of CMA, respectively.